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About Hinomi


Ergonomic Comfort

Embrace comfort and well-being with Hinomi - where ergonomics meets excellence

Our name, derived from “highly ergonomic”, mirrors our dedication to creating innovative solutions that cater to diverse needs, ensuring an elevated experience of ergonomic living.

Our Vision

At Hinomi, we are driven by a powerful vision that transcends the ordinary – a vision born out of our founders' personal experiences. Having endured years of body pain and backaches, we embarked on a mission to redefine the modern workspace.

Our commitment goes far “beyond comfort”, seeking to create environments that not only support your body but also nurture your mind.

Hinomi Vision

The Journey

Our story begins with the realization that a workplace should be more than just a space to get things done. It should be a haven that cares for your well-being. Empowered by our founders' journey, we set out to revolutionize the concept of ergonomic design, making it the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Now, our global mindset has led us to provide shipping services to over 25 countries, connecting with diverse communities worldwide.

Hinomi Journey

Our Expertise

Central to our mission is a team of dedicated designers and engineers who live and breathe innovation. With an unwavering focus on studying postures and refining spinal support systems, we bring you cutting-edge solutions designed for optimum well-being

Our commitment to excellence is particularly evident in our emphasis on lumbar support, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and adaptability that guarantees maximum comfort.

Hinomi Expertise

Our Product Portfolio

With a firm belief that ergonomics transcends the boundaries of adulthood and office life, we venture beyond the realms of work and extend its benefits to your leisure activities.


ergonomics series

Hinomi Office Ergonomics Eeries

With an unmatched level of adjustability, our office chairs are expertly crafted to accommodate various body types and the varied demands of desk activities.

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ergonomics series

Hinomi Gaming Ergonomics Eeries

Driven by a deep understanding of ergonomics, we have engineered our gaming chairs to provide optimal comfort and promote healthy posture during intense gaming sessions.

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ergonomics series

Hinomi Children Ergonomics Eeries

Tailored to meet the unique needs of children, our ergonomic chairs are designed to help foster proper posture and encourage healthy habits from an early age.

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